What is biocanem

BioCanem was created in 2018 for the purposes of R&D, production and above all the professionalization of hemp cultivation. It is a company in constant organic growth focusing on everything that encompasses the business and professional point of view. Biocanem is part of a group of companies with which it shares synergies. It is necessary to emphasize, within the group of companies those related to the agricultural and cattle sector, as well as the construction, the facilities and mainly the renewable energies to understand what is Biocanem and what it will become.

Who is biocanem

BioCanem is a company founded by two enterprising brothers. Owners and managers of small companies from very diverse sectors. Both love the land, agriculture and the primary sector. They have extended training and specialized knowledge in the world of hemp, that they combine with a broad training and experience of the business and industrial world.




BioCanem is conceived from the will of its founders to enter a new sector with great opportunity, taking advantage of their business skills and extensive knowledge in the field.  Apart from being a great business opportunity, its founders see value in the revolution that hemp can bring about in benefits for society and the world. All this taking into account that “Dreams do not come true by magic, it takes sweat, determination and hard work”


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